“I had never heard of Lichen Sclerosus, until I was diagnosed with it. A condition that once was the cause of severe discomfort, adversely affecting my ability to be intimate with my husband, is now almost all cleared…thanks to Dr. Williams. We tried changes in my diet and the products I use, and also tried different medications, with some relief in my symptoms, but the symptoms always returned. However, due to her persistence and determination, it appears she has developed an aggressive regimen which has almost completely cleared me of active disease. Once clear, I can just go on a maintenance regimen. I am profoundly grateful to her for giving me such a vital part of my life back! I can’t thank her enough.”

Butterfly Southern Institute for Women's Sexual Health


“I wanted to thank you so much for giving me and my husband back something that has been so important in our marriage, our sexual life. I thought it was over and I was very sad. I was starting to accept the fact that this is how it was supposed to be, until I talked to you about it and you told me that you had the solution (Testosterone Therapy). I was a little unsure about it at first but once you explained everything in detail I trusted and believed in you and of course the rest is history. My whole life has changed and is wonderful! The desire, the climax is back and no more painful intercourse. Dr. Williams, I can’t thank you enough, you are the best.”

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“To all women who are experiencing pain, dryness, scar tissue, lack of sexual desire, hormone issues, please see Dr. Williams as soon as possible! I have seen several doctors, male and female, and they all told me the same thing. I was experiencing all of these symptoms and everyone told me that I was getting older and that I will have to deal with them. That is Not True! I tried to tolerate the pain, but it started to affect my marriage and my well-being. I was very unhappy! I knew they were wrong and I was too young to put up with this. I was going to find a doctor that would help me. My first visit with Dr. Williams was very encouraging. She gave me a few options, adjusted my medications and offered Physical Therapy. Physical Therapy really intimidated me and I was too embarrassed to go at first. I am so sorry I put the PT off. It was not nearly as bad as I imagined. Lauri Banks, PT was extremely professional, she made me feel very comfortable and most important she reached the goals Dr. Williams set. Dr. Williams is always researching and continuing her education to assure her patients the best care possible. She is devoted to her patients care and well-being and works very hard to make sure everyone gets the treatment and results they are looking for. Dr. Williams, by far is the most devoted and knowledgeable doctor I have seen in a very long time. If you are having any problem please don’t put off seeing Dr. Williams, she will find a solution for you.”

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I love Dr. Williams! After becoming pregnant, being diagnosed with cancer, 12 chemo treatments, C-section, 12 more chemo treatments and 5 surgeries, including a complete hysterectomy all before the age of 40, I was left in menopause and feeling hopeless to change anything. I was referred to SIWSH, meeting with Dr. Williams changed everything for me. She’s so knowledgable and professional. She really does her research and knows what to do to help. We have been working together to find ways to help with the current medications that I have to be on due to the cancer. She has given me hope that being estrogen starved isn’t the end for me. She is so caring and understanding. I recommend everyone to see her!!

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Charo A.

I can’t tell you how many times this subject [sexual rejuvenation after breast cancer treatment] comes up with the women we are working with You Night Empowering Events! Excited that this [Southern Institute for Women’s Sexual Health] is the first of it’s kind in Louisiana!
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Lisa M.